As a Public Relations Professional, I do not like to hear the public say; “Man, if only I had known or heard about your event I would have attended.” As a Special Event Organizer, I perked up to want to inquire more about the person who organized the event. Here are a couple of key points that will help those who are not Special Event Organizers to enlightening them about what to do next time for any type of event; Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, Gala’s, Appreciation Dinners and anything else you think is a Special Event.

Organize: To put a plan of action into place, to decide what are your goals or objectives. The organizing part of a Special Event consists of a reason the event. That reason is the backbone of the event. You are honoring a special person or group from the community. Your Owner wants to motivate your sales staff. Your President of the Corporation wants to celebrate the organizations accomplishments for the past year. Knowing the purpose for the event will assist in organizing the event.

Organizing is almost common scene when it comes from someone who specializes in it. But for the secretary who is assigned the company Christmas Party, this part could be rushed through or even neglected. Organize your event as you do your career. Only those who organize their career can relate to this concept. Write out the details, whom you’re honoring or the occasion, at least two dates for the event, at least two venues to hold the event, at least two caterer’s to provide food and drinks for the event and entertainment. If you’re doing something out of the normal this would be a great time to share your idea.

Execution: Get the ball rolling on putting the plan into action. You will need to contact the venues to see who meets your needs as for space available, if it can accommodate your number of projected attendees, and limitations on the location. Who do you have in mind to caterer the event? Contact them and have them to provide you with a menu to compare to the other caterer. Remember some details when considering a caterer should be; how does the food taste? Do they provide servers or do I have to provide them? Are there any limits to the preparation or delivery of the meals? Go listen to the projected entertainment for yourself. See if the DJ is adjustable with their variety of music. Can the band play something other than just rock? Get these things covered early and finalized as soon as possible.

Completion: As a Special Event Organizer, in the beginning of the week of my events, I contact the parties that are going to make my event a disaster. I reiterate the time and date of the event and the time they are to arrive. I personally arrive to my venue hours before the event to ensure set-up is done as required. I am there before everyone who is scheduled to be there gets there! I make sure that everything is in place before the guest and honorees arrive. At this point, it is about demonstrating that the vision of the client has been met, if not exceeded.

Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of hiring a PR Firm that specialize in Special Event Organizing compared to organizing your own Special Event is the professionals will get the word out to the masses. If your event is a fund-raiser, you need donors. If your event is to honor someone in the community invite the community. But you have to be able to tell your story of what is going to happen to those that can benefit from or attend the event. The more people who know about your event the more successful it will be.
It is time to start looking at your company, organization or group to brainstorming your Special Events for 2015. Plan accordingly and elevate as much stress as possible by being an effective organizer. A well planned event is a good time by all including the organizer!!
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