Too many times we think more highly of ourselves than others. I am one that believes that if you do not promote yourself, no one else will. That is not to say you need to break off your arm to pat yourself on the back. But know that other people are not going to promote you as you see you.

Image is everything in Public Relations. Your image is what people remember about you when your name is brought up in a conversation. The image can be one of high esteem, above reproach, and dedicated. Or you can be thought of as lazy, never on time and consistently missing deadlines. Which image would you want to work with?

Before you start talking about what you can do, prove it! If you claim to be a Public Speaker, take some Toast Masters classes and get some presentations under your belt. Evaluate them and allow your audience to critic your presentation. Go back to modify the presentation so it is clear and to the point. This is cultivating your skills as a professional Public Speaker.

You claim to be an author, then write the rough draft to the book. Read what you wrote and re-write it. Send the manuscript to be proofed and then send the final product to the publisher to print. Upon getting the finished product, schedule a book signing at your local book store. Get on the local media and promote your book. Now you are a published author.

When you are tried and recognized then you can blow your own horn. To blow your horn before you have learned how to play the instrument will generate a bad sound. Don’t talk the talk before you can walk the walk. Avoid advertising till you can back it up!

Now that you have done your homework, actually completed the leg work in the profession you say you want to be effective in (Scientist, Motivational Speaker, Mathematician, Actor, Musician, Artist, Engineer, Author or CEO), now you can go to the mirror and ask: Am I the Best of All? Your answer will be YES because you are now established!
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