How operative are those within your LinkedIn Network? Are you or those within your contacts just looking to be accepted to anyone’s contact list? Do you send out invitation to those you truly want to generate a business relationship with? Or are you just seeing how many members can you pick-up?

I am learning everyday new things that I need to do to create a stronger network. In my opinion, a strong network is one that has many different branches to it and at any time I can reach out to a branch for assistance and that person will assist me without question. The same goes for those within my network from me. I want them to know they have a confidant in me to assist them with their PR and Special Event Organizing needs.

It is not always about making money. Good contacts will always assist you with growing your clients because they are listening to the community. When they hear someone say I need someone to plan an event for me, they immediately say “Here is my contact at McCloud & Associates, a great agency, that I know will do a great job for you at.”

I will admit, when I first joined LinkedIn, I originally had the mindset that I can meet new people and they will pass my name on as they are introduced to people who need my services. That was over 4 years and over two thousand five hundred members ago. I have evolved now to want to meet movers and shakers within the company/corporation/organization in hopes they will want my services.

The same applies to those who endorse me. Too many people have endorsed my services and I have never met them. If you notice those that I have endorsed, if I am not confident in their services why am I endorsing them, to make their page look good? If someone was to go to your page and pick one person who endorsed you will they give an actual review of your services or say “I have never worked with him but just wanted to support him!” Want to support me, use my services then endorse me because you believe in what I am doing.

Is your network full of decision makers or those that are just sniffing around?? How many people within your network are you working with versus how many total members within your network? This tells if you have an effective network or just people who joined your network. Who is in your network? Feedback is always greatly appreciated!!
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