I am a native of the City of St Petersburg, Florida. My friends and I grew-up walking and riding our bicycles along the beautiful Augusta blocked streets. On weekends we always went to the Pier because something was always going on! In the late 1960’s and the ‘70’s the Pier either had a concert or festival going on. After The Festival Of States Parade, people would congregate down at the Pier. This was not only an attraction for tourism but nostalgia for so many.

Seemingly, for the longest, the City Of St Petersburg, the Mayor’s (Foster and Kriseman), all of their City Planners, Community Developers and engineers, have reached out to Architects and design firms to transform downtown St Petersburg. The original plan was scraped by the citizens because the design of the lens project was not something that the citizens felt would maintain tourism.

The newest endeavor was to get public feedback on the project. Multiple meetings and suggestions were conducted in the community. These endeavors gave hope for a future vision of the waterfront. The residents are hoping for a renewal of the past with the dynamics towards the future. Accommodations for outstanding dining inside and out, music, along with retail shopping that will draw tourism to include the Arts and fishing. This would be considered something that is worthy for the legacy of the Pier.

No matter what is created in the place of the iconic Pier, it has a huge foundation to fill. The new project should shine bright from the City of St Petersburg as we continue to cause Tampa and Orlando to pay attention to and will want to come across the Howard Franklin to see. But please hurry and do something!! The City needs it!!
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