Like many others across America, I witnessed the justice system remain unequal. This is just a fact that American’s have to come to grip with. Even when it seems that the odds are stacked against a segment of American’s, non-violence speaks louder than sirens screaming and rubber bullets being shot.

Some say that those who are creating the damage is normally outsiders of the community. Then I ask how do you explain that out of the 62 people who were arrested on Monday night in Ferguson, Missouri, 2 were non-residents? I saw a resident state that the individuals who were doing the burning and looting are from his community.

The only way to combat these types of issues within our communities is simple: VOTE, Organized marches, peaceful rallies and continued pressure on those appointed by you to uphold your rights. To complain and riot after the polls close or after the verdict is read does not benefit anyone.

For once, I would love to see a collective, peaceful organized effort put in place as soon as any injustice is recognized. Whether it is rape on a college campus, trafficking children or removing corrupt politicians or city officials from office, a conscience organized effort needs to be implanted.

First, organize a message of intensity and resolution that will be the rally cry. Get the message out to the community. Second, gather the community leaders together to organize a peaceful means to a change. Third, put together multiple tasks to get the community involved. Empower those who live in the community to be in charge of the efforts, organizing volunteers and participating in the organizing.

It worked in 1963, when a single group decided they would take on Birmingham, Alabama on behalf of a group of people who were being treated unjustly. One group spoke on one accord for an entire group. The plan was simple: bring attention to the discriminatory actions being allowed. Project C was well thought-out, organized and had a goal.

The foolishness that we have witnessed within the past few days are not thought-out at all. For a segment that has come so far, we continue to demonstrate the inability to protest with a purpose and not destroy our own communities. The stores that this small group of thugs destroyed are the mom and pop stores that are the backbone of the community.

I deploy the next community that will face the next unjust issue to get organized immediately! Those that are community activist who seek peaceful change need to get in front and set up positive means to cause change. Set-up a Voters Registration booth, pass out literature that will be informative and not incite and organize a peaceful march/rally to get your message out to the masses. Expect resistance by those who are not looking for peace but be persistent. As long as any large group speaks as one voice with a purpose and goal, then you’re just hanging out!! Be Effective!!!
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