Happy New Years!!! Now that the confetti has been clean up, the trash taken out and all of the celebrations are over, it is time to start out the New Year with a Year in Review, reviewing your past successes and failures. Then you will look at what revision need to be done to be more productive in 2015.

No one operates their business in the exact same manner as they did the prior year. If they did they would be obsolete. In order to remain competitive you must know how you got to where you are.
Review the past years in a pros and cons format. On one side of your paper list your pros, list the things you’ve achieved, awards, accomplishments, and positive things that affected your business. On the other side, cons, list the things that you feel hindered or prevented the business from growing; too many employees, not keeping appointments, not getting a mentor or something simple as not updating yourself on business trends.

This list will allow you to see exactly what condition your business is in. The more pros you have the more productive and successful your business is. Change is frightening. People who are not afraid to look in the mirror to face reality will say “You need to change” and start making the necessary changes to survive.

Go look at the cons. What can you eliminate or change? How will you go about making those changes? What is the time frame that these changes need to be implemented? Maybe you need to consider adding a Public Relations Agency to assist you in growing your business?
Businesses that are in their first year of being established are advised to do this every three months to ensure the business is on track and following the business plan. If you see things are not going the way prescribed, then before the train derails you can make positive changes to stay on target.

Change is enablable and to be proactive to change makes any transaction smoother. To resist change is futile! Embrace change and look forward to it. There are no businesses that I am aware of that can survive with just a set clientele. Businesses have to knowledgeable about their industry and how to cultivate new clients.

Tell me about the changes you are looking to make this year to enhance your business.
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