Everyday people go to their social media and hit the follow button. Are they hitting the button because they work at this facility or have some ties with it? Are they motivated by the product or service that the entity provides? Are you following them for promotion or some sort of gain? Or are you following these entities and individuals because your friends are following them.

My personal influence to follow someone or an entity on social media is simple. What value do they bring to me? If there is no value, there is no reason to follow them. If they provide motivation and inspiration to assist me in my daily walk, or enhance my business then it is more than likely I will follow them. I am one who does not follow the Jones.

To follow someone is to wait for them to provide something for you to grasp a hold of. How many people actually take the initiative to reach out to those they choose to follow to let them know what they are doing to impact the follower’s life? Have they encouraged you to action? Did they make you think about something in a different way than before? Did they touch you? Let them know!

It is even more inspiring to learn that you are affecting the life of someone you do not know but because of who you are, they are drawn to follow you. With that kind of power, you can move mountains! You can achieve goals you never thought of. You feel a sense of value and worth. And that you’re input in society matters!

To those that are being followed, know that you have a huge responsibility because now you are a mentor (whether you want to or not). You are encouraging and molding those that are inspired by your words. You are like a motivational speaker with a captive audience. Your followers want to hear from you. They are waiting with batted breath on your next stimulating word.

Followers: Follow who encourages and inspires you. Those that are being followed: Provide substance to those that are following you, remembering you have a responsibility to uplift their spirits.
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