On Valentine’s Day 2018, another mass school shooting occurred. 17 killed, 14 wounded This was done by the hands of a 19 years young man who was angry with the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida, the student body and facility who was expelled by the school. The gunman’s plan: pull the fire alarm so that the kids would exit their classrooms and be targets.

This is the 18th school shooting this year! 18! This is only the middle of February! 45 days into this year and 18 school shootings! This is not counting other shootings, but just in schools alone, 18 within 45 days!

Today, the day after, Congress will assemble, say a pray for those who were killed and the injured along with their families and resume doing nothing! This is a subject that over the majority of American’s feel very strongly about on both sides. And that’s all well, but how is going to stop the violence? Isn’t that the job of Congress to make laws that protect the citizens of the United States and not allow those who desire to cause harm to have loop holes and laws that protect their rights over my child’s safety!

One of my questions: Why is a child allowed to have and possess a AR-15 rifle in the first place?? This is a clear reflection on the segment that says it is fine to own a gun. When you own a gun, the entire family owns a gun! Everyone in the house is subject to that weapon, even if locked up.

The NRA says that to own a gun is the right as an American. The NRA needs to take some of the blame for all gun shootings. If the NRA had any type of conscience or empathy, they would collectively gather with Congress and figure out ways to keep these types of senseless murder from occurring.

Until one of these two organizations stop with the lip service and perform action, the United States is just waiting till the next shooting!

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